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Pakistani teenager Aitzaz Hasan died Monday after tackling a suicide bomber trying to enter his school. By sacrificing himself, he saved the lives of the 2,000 students studying inside. Hasan’s father says, ”My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children.”

This is bravery. This is selflessness. This is true courage.


Here is a beautiful picture of his grave decorated with many flowers. May Allah rest his soul in peace…

rest in power my friend

(Source: bachvevo)


Note to authors: when a bullet is shot from a gun, it becomes so hot it’s sterile. You don’t get an infection from the bullet itself, but from the wound. That’s why in the short term it’s better not to remove the bullet, because bothering the wound just makes it more prone to infection! That is also why some veterans still have bullets in their body.

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